About us

ID, which is stands for “I am Different,” is a brand of bespoke clutches sourced from natural beauty.  ID, founded in the summer of 2015 in Astana, Kazakhstan, is committed to sustainable fashion and environmentally friendly accessories. 

ID designers – sisters Asem Akshulakova and Zarina Akshulakova – created eco-friendly line of bags pulling inspiration from nature material used to construct them.  They make sure that all of the wood they use is sourced from sustainably managed forests. For this reason each piece of veneer is meticulously measured and used to form these eco-friendly clutches.

ID clutches are designed for the globetrotters who admire the simple beauty found in everything, everywhere.  They celebrate the beauty found within the world's natural elements and color palette, inspired by treasures found in natural stones.  The idea of accessorising with a wooden clutch encrusted with natural agates sounds rather eccentric, but recent trends reveal that the simplicity of the material coupled with dexterity can transform wood into an item of luxury.  

ID designs are elegant and timeless yet contemporary.   Appropriate for both work and play, ID clutches’ styles are versatile enough to meet the needs of any high paced lifestyle, taking you from the boardroom to the playroom.   Each bag is a unique, one of a kind piece of art made just for you.  Each ID clutch will differ and no two will ever be identical, that is the DNA of our brand to “be different”. 

Speaking of what inspired the designers to delve into the business of wooden clutches, they can answer: “the Nature”. 

The whole philosophy behind their designs is to keep the clutches stylish, fashionable yet simple, and enduring; they do not cater to trends. Designers believe that ID designs will be relevant for a long time. “We work with natural stones geometry aesthetics, which is timeless ”- they state. 

Asem is the creative force behind the brand.  After a career in marketing in oil and gas, Asem started creating handbags that celebrate the natural beauty and rich culture of Kazakhstan. “I incorporate natural element into natural element. Each clutch has a unique color, a texture, an unforgettable detail, a surprise.”- she says. 

“Quality, exclusivity, authenticity and timelessness are the trademarks of ID brand. These, along with a combination of dreaminess and rigor, are the pillars of our brand.” 

Asem is a great fan of the natural stones. Her addiction to the natural stones began in childhood, when she inherited her grandmother’s jewelry made of natural stones. Asem believes that “The realization that color has influence over the human mind is as old as recorded history. What is difficult is to separate out the fact from the fiction. Colors have many meanings to people mostly based on their culture and religion. But the natural crystals and minerals have no culture and no religion. They are a part of the Earth. Their color influence rays stay the same and that what makes each ID clutch as a little magic.”

Zarina, the younger of the sisters, is the brand visionary and business developer for ID.  She has been the force behind the country expansion of ID brand, with responsibility for every element of the brand’s presence and business strategies from international sales to visual presentation.  ID designs are always modern, yet they are inspired by classical elements. “Nature is our best accomplice and source of inspiration,” says Zarina. She defines the “voice” behind the brand both visually and conceptually.  Zarina is dedicated to enhancing her native community and she can proudly say that “ID is made in Kazakhstan”.  

“ We always try to push the limits of what can be done with semi precious stones, wood and other naturally born materials “, and that what sisters do, because they are DIFFERENT.